Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Agile2016 Appreciations

The Agile2016 conference has come and gone. It was an amazing week filled with many memorable moments.  As well as a moment I would prefer to forget, but will learn and grow from instead  (possibly more on that another time). Today the focus is on the inspiring moments and saying a heartfelt "Thank You!" to the people who made them happen.

  • The Agile2016 Program Team - Brian, David, Diane and Tricia: Thank you for giving us the best conference we could have this year. I was thrilled to be a part of the Track team again this year, so thank you for inviting me back.
  • My Track Co-Chair - Jake Calabrese: Thank you for being an excellent partner this past year. You gave me an outlet to express a vision for the track and then pushed it further. It was a joy working on the track with you this year. Thank you for your energy, support and the beads.
  • The Working With Customers Review Team - Thank you for your dedication reviewing, coaching and evaluating submissions. We took a group of people from around the world and created a team. The great program on our track this year is largely because of you.
  • Anu & Kate: A special thank you to the two of you for stepping in less than a month before the conference and delivering a wonderful session.
  • The Agile2016 Volunteers: Purple shirt pride! Thank you all for keeping things running so smoothly all week long. Whether you were helping set up for a session, packing up a room full of supplies after a session, or managing full rooms and waiting crowds you were always smiling and helpful.
  • Lynne Cazaly: Thank you for your session on Making Sense. Throughout the week you kept encouraging me to keep trying to apply what you taught. Your session and support made the entire rest of the conference better.
  • The Speakers: Thank you all for the excellent content this week. You brought such great energy and passion to your sessions this week. Special thanks to the speakers on the Working with Customers track. You made our job to pick the best sessions quite tough this year because there were so many excellent options. 
  • Collective Soul & Mike Cottmeyer: What an amazing evening this was. The final song when Mike took to the stage with the band was so joyful and uplifting. Thank you Mike and Collective Soul for letting us share it with you.
  • Tricia: an extra shout out to you. Thank you for making me feel included and welcome. All the little things you did this past week made a big difference - opening your suite, twisting my rubber arm to go to Collective Soul (I am incredibly grateful that I could experience that moment), including my hubby too and making him feel welcome, and all the little conversations throughout the week. You are going to do an amazing job as the conference chair next year!
  • and lastly, my husband Michael: I'm glad we finally got to experience this event together. You were there to celebrate the high points of the week and comfort me through the lowest one too. Thank you for being there through the anxiety and panic, for all the fun we had exploring the city, and for all the love and support this week and every week.

Thank You.

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