Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Agile2017 Reflections

So much for trying to write more often.. just over a year between posts. Yikes!

Agile2017 was really different for me this year. I was part of the Program Team for this year's event, which is completely different from my previous roles working on only one track. It gave me a new perspective on the event and all of the work that goes into making sure that 2500 people have a fantastic week.

There are a lot of people who deserve a huge "Thank You!" for their part in making the week amazing. Here are some that had an impact for me (I'm sure I've missed some in the wave of exhaustion. Sorry.):

  • Tricia Broderick: The job you did as conference chair this year was amazing. Thank you for picking me as a part of your team, for the introductions to a whole lot of fantastic people, for our daily highs and lows, and for being there for me when I needed you. 
  • The Elastic Crew: I am in awe of how you all keep so many things moving at the same time. No matter how crazy things got, you were smiling and joking. Thanks for all of the incredible work you do! Well that and the Sorry cards.. they still crack me up.
  • The Volunteers especially Becky Hartman & Sarah Klarich: #purpleshirtpride! You all are the face of the event to so many people. Thank you for facing this entire week with such amazing energy and patience. You've definitely made an impression on my little purple shirt in training!
  • The Process at Scale Track Chairs: Ardita & Jake, Sam & Dana, Diana & Nivia, and Karen & Melissa - Thank you all for your work leading up to the event and during the week to make sure our program was amazing!
  • Mike Lowery, Chris Edwards, Krystina Edwards & James Trott: Thanks to each of you for your support without asking any questions. Those moments when I could pause and recharge with each of you kept me going through the week.
  • Lyssa Adkins: Thank you for always knowing what I need even when I do not recognize it myself.
  • Karen Greaves & Sam Laing: You two always crack me up. Thank you for your infectious energy! I think back to that first year and how lucky I was to sit next to the two of you in the very first session of the week. 
  • Linda Rising: Thank you for the highlight of my week. Earlier in the year, you spoke to my daughter's 5th grade class about growth mindsets. Maddy was so excited to meet you. You were present, patient and kind with her and that moment touched my heart. After meeting you, Maddy skipped and danced through the hotel with the biggest smile on her face.
  • and finally thank you to Eliana at the hotel for resolving my bottle opener emergency so quickly.
See you all in San Diego for Agile2018!

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