Monday, 16 November 2015

The New Normal

The last few weeks have been weird. Not having to get up and go to the office is so strange. Right now I have the time to do all of those things that get pushed off. I can do yoga or run every day, finish crafting projects, bake and clean and be more involved with my daughter's activities. Some days it is harder than others to stay motivated. It would be easy to get up in the morning, flop down on the couch and spend the day playing mindless games or binge watching tv. Then when I am back to work again I would look back on this break as wasted time.

Like most people, I like having a routine to stay focused and motivated. My new routine is starting to take shape. Getting up at 5:30 and to be in the office by 7 is replaced with sleeping until 7 and having breakfast with my daughter before taking her to the school bus. Morning standups are replaced with morning walks. Meeting time is now cleaning or crafting time.

This new normal still needs some tweaking, but so far I am better rested, less stressed and more engaged with my little family. My to do list of projects is shrinking - I've finished 2 toques, 2 scarves and a blanket.  Next up is a sweater and vacation scrapbooks. I've baked my Christmas cookies and made cupcakes for school. My reading list is both growing and shrinking.. mostly growing right now, but that should change soon. I've also made it to every soccer game and practice and to piano and swimming too.

The challenge will be in not letting these things get pushed off as much again when the next routine is made, but for now I am determined to take advantage of this opportunity.. this gift of my time.

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